Member Awards

Nick Kovalakides Outstanding Member Award
The Nick Kovalakides Outstanding Member Award is named in honor of the dedication and service of Nick Kovalakides, the first national director of CIVSA’s predecessor group, the National Collegiate Visitor Service Association. The award is presented annually to an active member who has shown outstanding devotion, and support to the success of CIVSA and does not currently serve on the Executive Board. The recipient is selected by the Executive Board from those nominated by the membership and is presented each year at the Annual Conference closing dinner. The Nick Kovolakides Outstanding Member Award is the most prestigious award bestowed by the Association.

Rising Star Award
The Rising Star Award was presented for the first time in 2013, in honor of CIVSA’s 20th Annual Conference. The award is presented to a person who has been a CIVSA member for at least one year, but less than three years, and who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession of information and visitor services as well as our association.

Individual Achievement Award
The Outstanding Individual Achievement Award recognizes a significant achievement by an individual in the collegiate information and visitor services field. It may be based on a single program, event or a more long term development/process that represents an outstanding milestone in information or visitor services management. This award was presented for the first time in 2017.

Previous Nick Award recipients are:

2017 – Wes Sullivan, California Lutheran University
2016 – Jennifer McKenzie, Hendrix College
2015 – Megan Nassau, American University
2014 – LeAnn Stroupe, University of Missouri
2013 – Troy Selk, Emeritus
2012 – Janey Wheeler, Emeritus
2011 – Lea Hanson, Colorado State University
2010 – Donna Bostwick, Florida State University
2009 – Nancy Franco, Yale University
2008 – Kim Burdett, University of California, Irvine
2007 – Sherry Case, Colorado State University
2006 – Stephen Barnett, University of Kentucky
2005 – Denise Mercier, Florida State University
2004 – Betty Spengler, University of Maryland
2003 – Kate Steinbach, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
2002 – Barb Dallinger, Illinois State University
2001 – Ryan Leigh Runyon, University of South Carolina
2000 – David Watters, Community College of Philadelphia
1999 – Matthew Weismantel, Rutgers, The State of New Jersey
1998 – Steven Saffian, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1997 – Denise Wellman, University of South Carolina
1996 – Joel Seligman, Cornell University
1995 – Linda Hardwick, Baylor University

Previous Rising Star Award recipients are:

2017 – Annalise Miyashiro, Vanderbilt University
2016 – Taylor Blair, University of Kentucky
2015 – Trent Sandles, Texas Wesleyan University
2014 – Nick Gonzales, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2013 – Rex Oliver, Texas Tech University

The inaugural Individual Achievement Award recipient was:

2017 – Olivia McGuckin, Randolph-Macon College

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